• The Amy robot is a professionally intelligent mobile assistant robot, she can provide telemedicine solution for hospitals, telecooperation for companies, serve as a guide at a shopping mall, museum, hotel, restaurant and various places. Amy also accepts customized service if on-demand.


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    What is the AMY Robot?

    The AMY robot is a service robot designed with you in mind. AMY has a wide range of functions such as speech recognition, tracking,news-broadcasting, home security,face-recognition and much more. AMY is the perfect service robot hospitals, banks, hotels, museum and any other public or commercial property. AMY can also be used for assisting you with any day-to-day tasks such as scheduling your appointments, guarding your house, showing you the latest news, monitoring your appliances, following you for assistance, taking family photos, video calling and providing you with health and education services on the go.

    Medical Care

    AMY is capable of taking care of your loved ones by constantly monitoring them and sending all their health-related data to you or your doctor. Keep in contact with them through live video calls that can be activated by voice comand alone so the patient can have an easy hands free experience with their loved ones. 

    Visitor Management

    Using cloud software AMY can ask visitors of your company for their full name and appointment time. This data will then be sent to the manager to remind them that the guest is coming. 



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