CINEMOOD Smart Cover Om Nom Stories

CINEMOOD Smart Cover Om Nom Stories


This product is a case for our CINEMOOD.

CINEMOOD Smart Covers is a collections of silicon covers made to fit onto your CINEMOOD Storyteller. Not only do they protect your mini cinema from damage, but they also extend your device’s library with new content.
CINEMOOD uses an innovative NFC technology that recognizes which Smart Cover you’re using, and then automatically downloads additional content via Wi-Fi.

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  • Description


    CINEMOOD Smart Covers

    The “wow” effect — that’s what everyone is waiting for when they take a new gadget into their hands. When holding onto a new potential “toy,” no matter their age, everyone wonders: “What can this thing do and how will it surprise me?”

    The team at CINEMOOD, a startup that is pioneering a fun and portable projector for kids, has come up with a way to truly amaze customers. Adding a little pizazz to their product, the company has released a line of colorful silicon covers with NFC-tags that work a little magic when placed on the CINEMOOD Storyteller.

    Wi-Fi Magic

    The way it works is very simple. You put a cartoon character-shaped silicon cover on the CINEMOOD Storyteller, close your eyes, recite a short spell and…voila! an entire season of the cartoon is available on the projector. Of course, the content does not manifest out of thin air, but is downloaded automatically via Wi-Fi with the NFC-tag. The process, however, really makes you believe in magic.

    “Now we have big-eared Krosh from KikOriki, green fidget Om Nom from Om Nom Stories, Mango the monkey from HooplaKidz and a kitten from the Kit^n^Kate cartoon. A small spoiler: in the future there will be new characters and some of them won’t just unlock a season of a single cartoon, but an entire collection of themed ones. For example, Santa’s Deer CINEMOOD Cover will be the key to a dozen Christmas themed animated films,” says Daria Mingalieva, Chief Marketing Officer at CINEMOOD.

    Mango the Monkey from HooplaKidz CINEMOOOD Cover

    The Riddle Behind CINEMOOD Covers

    What’s the difference between children and adults? One of the best parts of childhood is that unhindered belief in fairytales and magic. When a child puts a cover on her CINEMOOD, she experiences a little magic—a riddle, a mysterious trick that she wants to solve.

    The cover is interactive in nature, and keeps kids engaged with CINEMOOD. It adds an extra dash of magic to the already whimsical CINEMOOD experience.Made from quality silicon material, the new covers are also pleasant to the touch and completely transform the look of the projector.


  • Specification

    Watch your favourite movies, cartoons and TV shows anywhere you want on the big screen. Perfect for home, outdoor movie nights, celebrations and more.

    Weight: 0.5 lb

    Size: 3x3x3 inches

    Material: Silicone

    NFC Chip

    Videos Included: 18 episodes of Om Nom Stories

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