CINEMOOD The World’s Smallest Projector

CINEMOOD The World’s Smallest Projector


CINEMOOD® was designed by parents wanting to give their kids an alternative interface for technology. The mini portable projector and swappable smart covers let you turn any wall or ceiling into a personal theater. You can watch educational pre-selected cartoons, view digital books on the ceiling and even beam creative play environment to develop your babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

Add On: All of our CINEMOOD smart covers come with unique and educational cartoons and games for your CINEMOOD. Simply select a cover to add it on to your order. All licensed CINEMOOD® Smart Covers are €50.00.

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  • Description


     Netflix is finally on CINEMOOD!  

    Have your kids ever dreamed of having Luna Petunia floating on their ceiling? Or do you ever imagine having a Black Mirror movie night in the backyard with your friends? Now you can do it all because guess what? Netflix is finally on CINEMOOD! Let your kids immerse in the world of Super Why! Or wow your friends with a backyard Netflix marathon on a huge screen. With the new integration, we want to empower you to have your own cinema nights anywhere you go.

    Bring magic to your home for you and your kids with this portable mini-cinema. Transform your room into a cozy cinema by letting the CINEMOOD projection shine on any surface. The kids-friendly Storyteller will create a magical atmosphere for your family.

    Research shows that all kids are basically tiny scientists who learn about their world through advanced experiments disguised as play. And gifting them their first ‘serious device’ that is the first alternative for phones and tablets and doesn’t tire their eyes, sounds like a win-win present.

    With light and child-palm-sized CINEMOOD you can head outdoors to have a backyard movie night, or bring it along for the annual camping trip for night time stories. Perfect for a long-haul flight for hours of easy, safe entertainment. The uses are endless, all you have to do is get creative!

    Snuggling up with your kid over a book helps to establish a bedtime ritual and maintain good sleep habits. While we are reading digital-books beamed onto a wall, kids begin to visualize the words they see, which helps develop their creative intelligence.

    We all have that fear of unsafe or adult content your kid might be watching via YouTube, tablet, or phone. That’s why in CINEMOOD, we have carefully selected with teachers and parents cartoons, digital books, audiobooks, shadow theatre tutorials. So you would always know what your child is watching when you are away.

    In CINEMOOD you have reserved 10 Gb to upload your own content and share remarkable moments on a HUGE screen! It can be video, photos, pdf-files, audio.

    Access your favorite content by connecting the flash drive with the provided OTG-cable.

    Use the internal speakers or connect to any wireless audio system of headphones.

    We build CINEMOOD both easy to use and intuitive to control so even small children could set everything up for a great movie night.

    We have partnered with the well-known content providers to create a set of silicon covers shaped like cartoon characters that contain NFC-tags. You can wirelessly download new stories of HooplaKidz, Kit’n’tKate, KikOriki and Om Nom onto CINEMOOD depending on a Cover you choose. Look how cute they are 🙂

    Techcrunch // Fatherly // Mashable // Forbes // Popsugar // The Gadget Flow and more.


  • Specification

    Technical Characteristics:

    CINEMOOD’s Storyteller is the first cloud-connected mini cinema for families that displays immersive content onto any surface, creating magical, cinematic moments that families can enjoy together. This device comes pre-loaded with film strips, cartoons, audiostories and digital books and will be connected to a cloud library with regularly updated content.
    CINEMOOD has partnered with well-known content providers such as Zeptolab (Cut the Rope), HooplaKidz, Kit^n^Kate, KikOriki and others to provide a diverse range of kid-approved content for the device. As an added bonus, CINEMOOD also offers Smart Covers that offer a whimsical design while unlocking new content via NFC technology when slipped on the device.
    Adults can also enjoy the Storyteller after the kids have gone to bed by watching their own content to project via a USB drive. With the forthcoming companion mobile app, CINEMOOD brings a comprehensive, safe entertainment experience into the hands of families.
    Technical features:
    Size: 3,14’’ х 3,14’’ х 3,14’’
    Weight: 250 gm
    Diagonal: 70’’
    Up to 3 hours of battery life
    Micro-USB support
    Audio output 3.5 mm
    Internal memory: 32 Gb
    Built-In 2.5W speaker
    Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz
    Bluetooth 4.0
    Built-In Microphone
    Max charging: 2.0mA
    CINEMOOD Storyteller
    Silicon Base for Picture Placement
    Power Adapter
    USB On-The-Go Adapter Cable
    USB Power Cable

  • Additional information

    Additional information

    Add Cover

    None, Smart Cover Hoopla Kidz, Smart Cover KikOriki Stories, Smart Cover Kit^n^Kate, Smart Cover Om Nom Stories

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