Ockel Sirius A/Sirius A Pro Mini PC

Ockel Sirius A/Sirius A Pro Mini PC


Ockel Sirius A: the World’s Most Versatile Mini PC
An ultra small PC with 6-inch touchscreen and battery for a full Windows 10 experience at any time.
Every Sirius A comes with a fully activated license of Windows 10 Home(64-bit), an HDMI-cable and a power adapter.
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    What Backers Say About Our PC

    Extremely Versatile

    Outstanding Design 

    Everything we do at Ockel, every choice we make, is inspired by what we think is the definition of radical innovation. We create products that combine unique designs with new functionalities.

    We see the mobile and desktop world growing towards each other and with that in mind we developed the Ockel Sirius A.

    We were able to come up with a design that includes an incredible amount of connection options in one single device, without handing in on portability.

    Full Desktop Experience 

    The Ockel Sirius A runs all Windows programs. The majority of Android, iOS and Windows Mobile devices run on ARM compatible architectures, but this architecture cannot run the same software as laptops or desktop PC’s. And in case you have a mobile device that does run on the x86 compatible architecture, you often have to hand in on the options to connect peripherals. The Ockel Sirius A however doesn’t compromise on the architecture used to make your software run and it doesn’t sacrifice connectivity. The Sirius A and the Sirius A Pro are equipped with a full Windows 10 version (64-bit) and give you the real desktop experience with the benefits of a mobile device.

    Wired Or Wireless Its Up To You

    The Sirius A is equipped with the latest WiFi AC and Bluetooth technology for fast and wireless connection, but also includes all the ports you want to have when you are working on a desktop PC:

    What’s Inside?

    The Ockel Sirius A and the Ockel Sirius A Pro are equipped with powerful hardware components, ready for optimal performance. The Intel Atom x7-Z8750 processor4GB or 8GB of LPDDR3-1600 RAM and 64GB or 128GB of eMMC flash storage enable you to work, play games, watch movies and run almost any program or executable you want.

    The latest Intel 3165 Bluetooth and WiFi AC chip give you the fast and wireless connection you expect from today’s technology.

    Unique Switch Up Mode

    We have partnered up with Microsoft to develop a unique Switch Mode. Once you connect an external screen to the Ockel Sirius A, the Sirius A will automatically switch into an input device so you can use it as a keyboard or mouse. The connected screen becomes your primary monitor, so you can work comfortably.

    Finger Print Scanner

    Alternatively, you can connect an external mouse and/or keyboard by using one of the USB 3.0 ports or Bluetooth.

    Every Ockel Sirius A and Ockel Sirius A Pro includes a fingerprint scanner!
    Results have shown that more than 55% of our backers would like to have a fingerprint scanner integrated in the Ockel Sirius A. Actually, it was the top requested feature after 8GB RAM, 128GB Flash eMMC Storage and Windows 10 Pro. Features which we already included in our Ockel Sirius A Pro version. Something that makes sense, since most of you will probably carry around their Ockel device and with all your personal data stored on it security is an extremely important issue.

    The fingerprint add-on is guaranteed for everyone who already joined us and for any future backer. Are there any additional cost for you? No!

    Seriously Small

    The small form factor of the Ockel Sirius A makes it hard to believe you are carrying your complete desktop PC with you.

    100% Silent 

    We designed the Sirius A in such a way that ventilation fans are not required. This unique feature combined with the flash storage means you can enjoy working in silence and benefit from ultra-low power consumption.

    The powerful hardware components of the Sirius A obviously generate heat. A regular passive cooling isn’t able to cool this heat. That’s why we decided to create an eye-catching heat sink with the pattern of the Canis Major star constellation. This is the star constellation where the Sirius A star (yes, that’s right, the Sirius A is a star!) can be found. This heat sink cools all the heat generated by the Ockel Sirius A without any fan.

    Because Space Matters  

    Every Ockel Sirius A comes with 64GB of internal (eMMC) flash storage. The Sirius A Pro comes with 128GB of internal (eMMC) flash storage. Do you require more storage space? Easily extend storage with a Micro SD-card, or connect your own external hard disk using the USB Type-C port or one of the two USB 3.0 ports.

    The Sirius A has an easy to reach Micro SD-card slot which (theoretically) supports Micro SD-cards up to 2TB. We have added perks that include both a Sirius A and a 128GB Micro SD-card.

    128GB Flash Storage is the equivalent of 42500+ songs, 64000 images or 985 minutes of video!*
    *(Average file size: 3mb for a song; 2mb for an image; 130mb 1 minute of HD-video recording)

     On The Go Use

    With the Sirius A you are able to access all your files, applications and make use of the full Windows 10 desktop experience even when you are away from your office or home, straight out of your pocket.

    The built-in battery and the full HD touchscreen ensure access to all of your files, wherever you are. The WiFi AC chip enables you to use apps and enter your files stored online.

    The 3.500 mAh battery has enough capacity to power your Sirius A up to 4 hours (casual use) without being connected to a power outlet.

    Shine Bright Little Star

    The anodized aluminium body of the Ockel Sirius A will be finished in at least three beautiful colors. Once our campaign is finished, we will send you a survey to ask for your preferred color. In addition, we are working on stretch goals where you will be able to decide the new color. Isn’t that cool?

  • Specification
    Operating system
    Windows 10 Home/Pro 64-bit
    Intel Atom x7-Z8750
    4GB / 8GB LPDDR3
    6 inch Full HD multi-touch panel
    Graphic type
    Intel HD Graphics 405
    4K Support
    3840 x 2160 px @ 30Hz
    2x 3.0 (5V/3A)
    USB Type-C
    3.0 (5V/2.5A)
    1.4a (Full Size)
    1.2 (Full Size)
    RJ-45 (10/100/1000MBit)
    802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual band
    Internal storage
    64GB / 128GB eMMC flash
    Expansion options
    Micro SDXC slot
    5MP Full HD (1080p @ 30fps)
    Stereo 1W
    Microphone Array
    Fingerprint Scanner, Accelerometer, Gyroscope
    DC 12.5W (5V/2.5A)
    3500 mAh
    Up to 3.5 hours of video playback
    Meteor Grey, Moon Silver, Venus Gold
    85.5 x 160 x 8.6 – 21.4mm / 3.4 x 6.3 x 0.3 – 0.8″
    334g / 11.8oz
  • Additional information

    Additional information


    Venus Gold, Meteor Black, Moon Grey


    Sirius A, Sirius A PRO

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      • Ema July 13, 2018

        I haven’t been more excited to open the box containing a new PC since the 80s. It’s gorgeous- Charles L Johnson

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