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We serve all of Ireland and the UK, our technical team are based in Galway and we offer an in-house, fast turnaround, fast shipping on all our repairs. Check out our phones both new and re-furbished, all come with 12 months warranty (please see our straightforward T&C’s)

Samsung S9+ Grade A
675.00 Read more
Samsung S9 New
699.00 599.00 Read more
Samsung S8+ Grade A
525.00 Read more
Samsung S8 Grade A
439.99 Read more
Samsung S7 32GB Grade A
275.00 Read more
Samsung Galaxy s8 New
599.00 549.00 Read more
Sale!Samsung Galaxy j8
Samsung Galaxy J8
320.00 289.00 Read more
Samsung Galaxy J4
Samsung Galaxy J4
255.00 Add to cart
Samsung Galaxy J3
230.00 199.00 Add to cart
Sale!Samsung Galaxy j2 j2
Samsung Galaxy j2
220.00 189.00 Add to cart
iPhone 8 64GB Grade A
649.00 629.00 Add to cart
iPhone 7+ 32GB Grade A
575.00 Add to cart
iPhone 7 32GB
440.00 389.00 Add to cart
iPhone 6S 16GB
260.00 239.00 Add to cart
iPhone 6 64GB Grade A
270.00 Add to cart
iPad Air 16GB WIFI Grade A
275.00 Add to cart
Galaxy S7 Edge Grade A-
325.00 Add to cart
Air 2 Wi-Fi 16GB Grade A
225.00 Add to cart
Mobile Phone Sales

Please check regularly as our stock changes. We can also source a phone for you from our suppliers in 24/48 Hours. Our in house technician will service the phone and our twelve months/14 day return will be included with you new purchase.

Buy with confidence.


Where can you fix your phone?  Drop your device to us for a quick assessment. If we need to open and test the equipment there may be a ‘discovery’ charge. But this charge will be deducted from the final charges should you choose to repair the item.

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