Terms & Conditions

1.1 These terms and conditions govern the sale of Products and Services by Sirius Ireland directly to you through our online store at www.siriusireland.com or through telephone orders only and are referred to as the “Consumer Terms”. The words “you” and “your” in these Consumer Terms mean you, being an individual or individuals purchasing Product(s) and/or Services from Sirius for purposes which are outside your trade, business, craft or profession and with an Irish address for delivery of those Product(s) and/or Services. Please note that Sirius will not accept liability for any losses or damage incurred by any business, trade, craft or profession carried on by you or any other person using Product(s) and/or Services purchased under these Consumer Terms.
1.2 Other key definitions in these Consumer Terms are:
“Contract” means the contract for the sale of Products and /or Services by Sirius directly to you in accordance with these Consumer Terms;
“Sirius Online Store” means the store at www.siriusireland.com.
“Description” means the descriptions of Product(s) and/or Service offerings found at our Online Store;
“Intellectual Property” means any patents, registered and unregistered trademarks, registered and unregistered service marks, database rights, registered and unregistered designs and applications for all of the above, copyright, know-how, trade and business names, domain names, moral rights and any other similar protected rights in any country;
“Product(s)” means all product(s) listed on our Online Store which Sirius agrees to sell to you in accordance with these Consumer Terms;

The rights you have under these Consumer Terms are in addition to and do not affect the statutory rights and remedies you have under applicable consumer protection law. In the event of conflict between these Consumer Terms and applicable consumer protection law, your statutory rights under applicable consumer protection law shall prevail.

2.1 You may place an order for Product(s) and/or Services directly with Sirius online. The placing of an order by you represents your offer to buy subject to these Consumer Terms. Please note that the Contract between you and Sirius is formed only when Sirius accepts your order by issuing you with an Order Confirmation in writing.
2.2 Any Products and/or Services forming part of your order which are not detailed in Sirius Order Confirmation do not form part of that Contract. If you notice any inaccuracies or errors in your Order Confirmation, you must contact us promptly upon receipt, and ideally immediately, so that we have an opportunity to correct any mistake or clarify any misunderstanding before commencing delivery/performance.
2.3 Sirius may make minor changes to the specification of the Product you order if for example there is a scarcity of a particular component or for any other reasonable grounds notified to you. Any such minor change will be to at least an equivalent or better specification and will not adversely affect the material functionality or performance of the Product or performance of the Service. Any such change will be set out in your Order Confirmation. If you notify Sirius of your acceptance of any such minor change to your order, or subsequently accept delivery of items listed in the Order Confirmation that are subject to a minor change, and use them (or unseal the software delivered to you), this conduct will constitute acceptance by you of any such minor change offer.
2.4 If Sirius is unable to fulfil your order, Sirius will notify you, and any payment received by Sirius will be promptly returned.

3.1 Sirius requires payment in full prior to delivery/performance, and will suspend delivery and performance until full payment is received. The price to be paid by you will be set out in the Order Confirmation. All prices are inclusive of VAT if applicable at the prevailing rate but are not inclusive of delivery charges unless otherwise stated. Your method of payment will be as set out in the payment information on our Online Store.
3.2 In the unlikely event of any discrepancy between the price set out in the Order Confirmation, and the price stated on Sirius’ Online Store or other advertising, you should contact Sirius immediately.

4.1 The place of delivery and estimated delivery date of Product(s) and/or Services will be stated on the Order Confirmation. If the estimated delivery date cannot be met, then Sirius will notify you with a revised estimated delivery date. If delivery is not made within 60 days from the original date of your order and you have not subsequently accepted delivery or agreed to a delivery date outside the 60 days, you may cancel your order without charge and obtain a full refund. This right is in addition to your “cooling off” rights set out in clause 8 below.
4.2 It is important that you examine the Product(s) carefully upon delivery. If you discover that anything listed in your Order Confirmation is missing or incorrect or damaged, you will promptly notify Sirius in writing or by email. This will give us the opportunity to suggest an appropriate solution, which may include a price refund, replacement, or repair services.
4.3 Once Sirius delivers Product(s) to you (or your representative) you will take on risk of damage to or loss of the Product(s).
4.4 Ownership of Product(s) will pass to you once Sirius receives payment in full, or when Sirius delivers the Product(s) to you (or your representative), whichever is later. That transfer of ownership of the Product does not mean that you own any Intellectual Property in the Products or Services you purchase from Sirius. Ownership of such Intellectual Property remains with Sirius and any applicable software licensors. If the Contract is terminated before that passing of ownership occurs, Sirius may recover any Product(s) supplied to you and you agree to assist Sirius in such circumstances.

5.1 You have statutory rights in relation to the Products sold to you. For example, Products sold to you shall be of satisfactory quality and conform to their Product Description.

6.1 Sirius warrants that any Services provided by it shall: (i) conform to their Service Descriptions, and (ii) be performed with reasonable skill and care during the applicable Service period.
6.2 Repairs under warranty, and other repair Services, will be carried out within a reasonable period.

7.1 You must comply with the license conditions for any Third Party Software supplied to you, and you must not:
(i) copy or make a back up copy, adapt, licence or sublicense, sell, assign, or otherwise transfer or encumber the software; or
(ii) exceed any criteria stipulated in any Services Description and/or software licence agreement.

8.1 Subject to this clause, you have the right to cancel your Contract as follows:-
• Products – you have the right to cancel and return the Product (Cooling Off Rights). That right is for 14 calendar days beginning on the later of the day after:- 1) the day you receive your Order Confirmation OR 2) the date of delivery;
• Services – you have Cooling Off Rights as above, beginning on the day after the day you receive your Order Confirmation. If you cancel your Services order within the 14 day cancellation period, but you requested Sirius to begin providing the Services during this period, we will refund you pro-rata based on the Services that have been performed up until the date of receipt by Sirius of your cancellation notice; and
• Software – you have Cooling Off Rights as above, beginning on the day after the day you receive your Order Confirmation, save that you lose the right to cancel if the Software is delivered to you sealed and it is unsealed (electronically or otherwise). If you purchase Software made available to you via digital download, you lose the right to cancel if you download (including via automatic download) the Software during the 14 day cancellation period. You may not obtain a refund on return of a Software or operating system element of a Product only. If you don’t want the pre-installed software or OS, you should return the Product.
If those Services or Software can be used independently of other Product(s) or Services sold under the same Contract, the right to cancel will still apply to those other Products.
8.2 Your right to cancel under this clause 8 is in addition to your right to cancel in the event of non or delayed delivery.
8.3 To exercise your right to cancel, you must notify Sirius in writing of your wish to cancel and Sirius will arrange for collection of the Product(s) or otherwise provide instructions for convenient return You must return all cancelled Product(s) to Sirius in original condition (you will be responsible for any damage) and within 14 calendar days of your cancellation notice, unless Sirius provides a later collection date. Return freight costs will be payable by you. Sirius will refund you the price (including standard delivery charge if applicable), less direct return freight costs it has paid on your behalf, as soon as possible and within 14 calendar days of receiving your cancellation notice. However, Sirius may withhold payment of your refund pending receipt of the returned Product (in its original condition).
8.4 Once the Cooling Off Period has ended and unless Sirius agrees otherwise, you do not have a right to return your order.

9.1 The Products are supplied only for use in a domestic, non commercial, non research environment in a manner which is consistent with the specification, functionality and service standards described in the Product Description. Sirius shall not be liable for losses relating to any business of yours, such as lost revenue, income or profits, lost data or business interruption.
9.2 To the extent permitted by applicable law, Sirius’ total liability to You under or in connection with the Consumer Terms shall not exceed the total value of the Products and/or Services ordered by You.
9.3 Neither you nor Sirius will be liable for any delay or failure to perform its obligations under these Consumer Terms if such delay or failure is caused by an event or events beyond its reasonable control, such as for example and without limitation: third party strike action, terrorism, war, natural disasters, severe weather, unforeseeable manufacturing or transport disruption affecting suppliers.

Irish law and Irish courts shall govern any contract made with Sirius by on line purchaser.