Phone and Laptop Repair & Upgrade Galway Ireland

Phone Repairs and Sales

Phone Repairs

Fast turnaround, all repairs are in-house by our technicians. Our prices are competitive and we back up all our work with a guarantee. Our workshop is based in Co. Galway, we also accept repairs by post, please call for shipping rates so we can return your phone as quickly as possible.


On-Site Service

Our on-site computer support service makes getting your computer fixed easy! No need to disconnect all those computer cables, load it into the car, and drop it off at a repair shop. One of our friendly technicians will come right to your home or business and repair your computer on the spot.


Remote Support

Our quick and easy remote support is available to residential and business clients. We can solve most software issues relatively quickly and no need for specific on-site appointments, sticking around the house or, interrupting the office during the work day.


IT Services for Business

Whether it is a quick fix or a monthly service to ensure business continuity and a reliable workplace, Sirius Ireland has your needs covered. We offer services including:

Cloud Managed Antivirus and Firewall Protection
Cloud Managed Online Backup
Remote Management and Monitoring

Ready to upgrade?

Need to upgrade your computer or laptop? Want the latest graphics card to maintain the highest possible FPS? You’re in good care with us at Sirius Ireland!

We have developed a custom upgrade system designed to give you the most from your computer without the stress of having a check for compatibility.

Using our upgrade system you can quickly and easily purchase upgrades for your computer and we will check your computer for compatibility and immediately flag any problems!


What upgrade services are available?

We offer three types of upgrade service:

1. Hardware Upgrades – Self Installation

If you are confident in installing your own components you can purchase verified stock from us at Sirius Ireland that is guaranteed to work on your computer. This is ideal if you need a quick upgrade solution, such as a secondary hard drive or graphics card. All orders are dispatched on a next day insured delivery service with a full money back guarantee should there be any compatibility issues.


2. Collect & Return Installation Service

Our collect and return installation service includes the collection and re-delivery of your computer, a professional installation and verification of your new components, and finally a full “burn-in” test to ensure that everything is working as expected. It is ideal for those wanting a professional service with the peace of mind that goes with it.


3. Collect & Return Installation Service + Operating System Installation

In addition to the above the collect and return installation service with operating system installation offers you the opportunity to have a professional installation of your operating system. This can either be your original operating system that you purchased with your computer or alternatively you can purchase the latest operating system should your current version be out-dated. We offer two types of installation; firstly we can install the operating system and keep your old data or secondly we can wipe all data and perform a clean installation giving your computer a factory fresh feel and maximising the speed at which your computer runs.

Mobile Repair Service

Console Repair Service

Drone Repair Service

Robot Repair Service and Upgrade

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